9 Adult Dating Site Mistakes That Turn Girls Off

When you’re first starting out with adult dating sites, you’re bound to make a few rookie mistakes. You might make the wrong impression, or turn girls off without realizing it. If you can avoid making these 9 deadly mistakes, you’ll find it easy to get the hookups you want.

1. Not being confident : Girls are magnetized to guys who know what they want, who they want, and when. Don’t apologize unnecessarily, and take initiative when setting up dates. You don’t have to be the biggest stud ever; being confident brings you a step above most other guys, and girls will take notice.

2. Not making a real first move : Many adult dating sites are equipped with features for sending a “kiss” or a “wink” without sending a message. While these features are fun when used with girls you’re getting to know, they just don’t work on their own. Many guys make the mistake of thinking that a girl will notice them and ask them out if they only send a “wink.” To girls who are overloaded with notifications, you just won’t stand out. Send a real message, and prove that you’re not afraid to make the first move.

3. Overusing boring compliments : Every other guy already tries the “tell her she’s pretty and hope for the best” approach. Be specific and compliment her best features – you’ll know based on her photos what she’s hoping you’ll notice. Go ahead and take a risk by describing what you’d love to do with her “assets”- it’s okay to be a bit provocative here.

4. Having too few photos : A blank profile is sure to get you ignored. One primary profile photo is good, but 3-5 is better. If you have a killer body, show it off. If you’re not exactly confident about your body, a clothed or partially clothed photo will work. There’s no need to show your whole face, you can cover your eyes or mouth with some creative props. Remember, even private photos can be copied and posted all around the web, so be careful of what you share.

5. Having bad grammar : While most girls aren’t as critical as your high school English teacher, sloppy spelling and grammar may turn them off. Take the time to write out each word, and reread your messages before you send them off. Keep it simple. If it takes too long for girls to decipher what you’re trying to say, it kills the mood.

6. Not being polite : Girls who are into one-night-stands still appreciate good manners. Be respectful, and always be generous in bed. She’ll have more fun, and you’ll both be able to relax when you’re able to get along.

7. Being too negative : Negative statements in your profile can be a turn-off. It’s okay to state that you like a certain flavor of girl, but it’s not okay to bash those who aren’t your type. Also avoid complaining about your job, your marriage, your divorce, or any other personal life situation. Your profile should show that you’re a fun, easygoing person to spend a night with; no more, no less.

8. Getting too chummy : Some guys always end up in the friend zone, even on hookup sites. Ask girls out within your first few messages. You do not need to “get to know them” with weeks of messaging back and forth. The sooner you ask her out, the sooner you’ll find out whether she’s just teasing, or really wants to meet up.

9. Being late or flaking : Always show up early to dates. If you’re meeting at a restaurant, text her when you arrive and wait for her at the door. If you know you’re going to be late, or can’t make it, let your date know so she will not feel as though she had been stood up.

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