8 Common Sexual Fetishes Of Men You Probably Didn’t Know About.

Many men have them, but few choose to admit it.

When we think about the word fetish, our mind is automatically drawn to think about strange people, into all sorts of depraved sexual conduct. Fetishes aren´t usually openly discussed, yet more people than you think have them. Traditionally, the word fetish refers to the overwhelming sexual arousal a person feels surrounding a particular object or situation. When it comes to fetishes for men, most would think about foot fetishes, or rubber. Few would consider the following, yet surprisingly, they are more common than you would think amongst the male population in the United States.


Similar to kleptomania, this bizarre fetish takes things one step further. It is the act of becoming extremely aroused, from stealing. Typically, the fetishist starts acting on his impulses, by taking items such as panties, jewellery, even toothbrushes from his significant other, before moving on to thieving from total strangers. The fetishist then finds a secluded place, to pleasure himself either holding, or using the stolen item. Strange, but true.


A popular one for the narcissists out there! Sexual arousal derived from mirrors, or more precisely, watching yourself masturbate, or perform sexual acts in a mirror. This fetish goes a little beyond the cliché of having a mirror on the wall by your bed, or on the ceiling and actually goes as far as fetishists having mirrors in every room of their houses, so they can have sex everywhere they possibly can!


No, we aren´t referring to a nagging wife getting you off, but rather to an extremely popular, equally bizarre fetish, made up of 90% males. This does what it says on the tin, and the fetishist becomes sexually aroused from either being struck (hard) in the groin area, or watching others being struck. It is closely related to masochism and by definition, it requires a sadist to do the striking. This could be an extremely beneficial fetish to have, for someone who frequently found themselves in the dog- house with their other half. Most men allow someone to strike them in their private parts (usually, a woman) until they reach their pain threshold, at which point they masturbate. The thrill is based on the brain releasing endorphins, which lets the body cope with pain.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation

This fetish involves a man, deliberately asphyxiating himself, usually through hanging, whilst masturbating. When the neck arteries constrict, it forces a rush of blood to the brain, heightening the sensation of an orgasm. This fetish is so dangerous, due to the risk of death if your feet don´t reach a weight -bearing object in time, in order to release yourself. Yet, surprisingly it is a common fetish amongst men in today´s society. Most however, take precautions and instead of hanging themselves up with a rope, ask their partners to strangle them whilst having sex or masturbating them, or they smother their faces into a pillow, to achieve the same sensation of being asphyxiated.

Autonepiophilia (Infantalism)

It is surprising the amount of seemingly strong, confident, alpha males who have mommy issues and find nothing more arousing than being treated like a baby, including drinking from a bottle and wearing diapers. Pleasure is derived from behaving like an infant, and the fetishists are more likely to be men, than women. Subconsciously, the arousal is caused by being able to demonstrate vulnerability, which these tough guys would never dream of doing in real life. Urban myths state that the more dominant someone is in life, the more submissive they tend to be in the bedroom.


Otherwise known as shit fetish. Many men enjoy having their partners defecate on them, or vice versa. The act of doing something so dirty (literally) and obscene, adds to the thrill, which heightens their arousal. Some people take this fetish as far as eating faeces, which is commonly known in the porn world as scat.


No, we are not referring to being addicted to psychos (although most of us would appear to be) but rather to the fetish of being totally turned on by freezing objects, or watching other people freeze.


Most men are not turned off by a woman´s menstruation, when it comes to getting down and dirty, but you would assume that they also are not especially turned on by it. In this instance, you assumed incorrectly. This fetish is all about extremely aroused at the sight, taste or smell of a menstruating woman.

Whilst seemingly bizarre, these fetishes are becoming exceedingly popular. There are few surveys, which allow us to give exact percentages of individual fetishists, but that is most likely because there aren´t so many people in the world, who are open enough to come forward and admit they are turned on by such fetishes. It´s important to remember that however bizarre your individual fetish might seem to another, to you it can be viewed as normal. Whatever floats your boat! There is no shame in indulging in fetishes, along as you are not in danger of harming yourself or another.

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