7 things you can do to blow her mind in bed, not just once, but every time

We all know how exciting first-time sex can be with a new girl. Why is it so exciting? Chances are because it is all new. That secret move that you do, she doesn’t know about yet. The second time is when problems start arising. If you feel like you have used up all your cool touches, you may be looking for ways to wow her in bed the way that you did that first time. These seven sex “musts” will wow her just like it is the first time, every time.


Fake it to make it


There is nothing that a girl finds more attractive than a guy who knows his way around a bedroom. Even if you aren’t all that experienced, or you have no idea what to do, don’t let it show. Being confident and faking it is the key to coming across as the best lover on earth.


Don’t let yourself go


The moves that you use are only second to the way that you look. Let’s face it, the thing that turns her on most is your six pack abs and your tight ass. If you want to wow her every time, don’t skip the gym when things become more comfortable. If you take care of yourself, she will continue to take care of you.


Don’t stoop to the yuck level


Even if you are getting comfortable, she still wants to be treated with respect. Showing that you respect her is about always maintaining your decency. Releasing gas, smelling like you haven’t showered, or not manscaping, are all ways that can turn her off. Whether you are together for the second time or the one-hundredth, be a class act to show her that you think she is.


Smell like teen spirit


There is no scent that has a bigger effect on people than smell, which is a scientifically proven fact. If you want to get her attraction up, choose cologne that has natural pheromones in it. There is a reason girls get turned on just walking into Abercrombie and Fitch; it is because of the cologne. Have the same effect on her with your awesome odor.


Watch her reactions


Don’t assume you know what she likes. Watch her facial expressions and other reactions to be sure. If you stop to listen to the way that a woman’s body is reacting, you can learn a lot about what she is thinking. Learning to take all the non-verbal cues that she is sending like her wetness, the way that she moves, or even the hardness of her kisses, will give you the best clue about what she enjoys and clearly what she does not.


Take your time


Contrary to popular guy opinion, women don’t like when you go in for the kill. No matter how long you have been together, if you don’t wait until she is warmed up and hit her privates too fast and too aggressively, she will read it as being too pushy. That is a major turn off. Make sure to take the time for foreplay if you really want to be the most amazing lover she has ever had.

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