6 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

How to tell when a girl just isn't into you!

6 Signs She's Just Not That Into You

We’ve all been there. You really like a girl and you think things are going well, when all of a sudden, what seems like out of the blue to you, she’s either dating someone else or she calls things off with you. Where did you go wrong? How did you misread the signals?  At the end of the day, pursuing a woman who isn’t in to you the way you are to her, will not end well for you.  Not only is it exhausting, but it will leave you feeling less confident than you should be and will pull your attention away from all of the ones who you do actually have a chance with! Read these 6 sure-fire signs and you will know right away that she’s just not that into you.

  1. Zero Eye Contact

You can tell a lot about the way a woman feels simply by the way she looks at you. So, if she isn’t looking at you at all, that’s a problem. We aren’t talking about the nervous first date, sheepish look-aways she gives you. Or the awkward, but genuinely sweet way she flits her eye’s to and fro whilst blushing. We are talking about a woman who looks bored with you, or doesn’t look at you unless she has to. She is just not that into you.

  1. Always A Group Date

So, she says yes when you ask her out, but suddenly she tells you she will be bringing along a few of her best pals. Or when you ask her to go for dinner, she invites another couple, or 4 of them along! Unfortunately women have a tendecy to find it hard to reject someone or say no. So, in order to avoid letting you down right away (which she thinks will be mean) she figures you will get the hint that she feels uncomfortable being one-on-one. This girl, is just not that into you. Sorry!

  1. She Doesn’t Reply To Texts Or Calls

While this one seems pretty obvious, for many it’s not. You do have women out there who are power women, working in the corporate world, juggling their life and they don’t have time to text or call back until the weekend, etc. However, if this is an on-going thing for say more than a week? It’s time to let it go.   If this is the case, then she’s probably not comfortable with you asking her out so she is avoiding you or she’s not comfortable with rejecting your advances either.

  1. She Brings Up Other Guys

This isn’t just casual talk when you are both spilling the beans about your ex’s or a good friend of hers. This is when she is coming to you for advice on guys, because well, you’re a guy and you should know! Face it, you’ve been friend zoned.

  1. She Calls You When She Needs Something

Your texts and calls go unnoticed, until one day your phone is blowing up off the hook from her and you see that she saw your Facebook post about having extra tickets to that concert this weekend, or she bought this new couch and she needs a man to help her unload it. You feel great because she turns to you when she is in need. Do not be confused. All is not as it seems. You are her “trusty tool” the guy who never says no and is always available. But, if it isn’t something she is in need of, your calls go unreturned.

  1. If She’s not Sleeping With You

While you may spend a lot of time together, and go on dates for dinner and/or drinks. If at the end of each night all you get is  a peck on the cheek, chances are she probably isn’t in to you. Now, if this has been going on for only a month or two, don’t freak out. She probably is the type of girl who needs to feel certain you aren’t going to bolt the second she lays on her back.  She wants to get to know you and feel comfortable enough with you to become intimate. However, if this has been going on for way past 4 months and you do everything else as a “couple”, or what feels like a couple to you. For example, dinners, drinks, movies, shopping, you helped her move, you looked after her cat, you talk on the phone, you cuddle on the couch. You have been friend zoned again. Face it! She’s not that into you, romantically.

So, if the girl you are after meets any or all of the criteria above, we hate to break it to you but she probably isn’t looking for more than a friendly companion she can call when her drain is clogged. But, don’t be discouraged. Now you know and you don’t have to bang your head against the wall, you can buck up and move on!

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