6 Rules of Being Friends with Benefits


Friends with Benefits AKA Casual Sex

Friends with benefits is becoming more and more common among people today. According to Urban Dictionary website friends with benefits definition is “when two friends have a sexual relationship without any emotional attachment that is called friends with benefits. Usually these are two really good friends who don’t want to get into a monogamous relationship, preferring a casual sex without any kind of commitment.

Once you’ve decided to start this casual sex relationship, you should know what a friend with benefits will mean for you. We’ve prepared a top 6 friends with benefits rules that are going to bring your FWB relationship even more fun, and even less hassle.

The Best 6 Rules for Friends with Benefits Dating

1. The first rule and advice is to think twice about hookups with your neighbor.

The pros here are that your sex buddy lives in a walking distance and you always know when he or she is home. But, at the same time, this geographic proximity will let you know how your neighbor spends his time when he’s away from you.

2. Define the borders of your relationship. Don’t make it more serious than it is.

Falling in love after a real hot sex can happen not just in a movie. Soon after you’ve found a guy who is making you horny in 1-2-3, be sure you both want to be just sex buds. If it happens that you become emotionally evolved, try to cut ties asap. As to change somebody’s mind is now what you need to do.

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3. Married friends with benefits can be a good idea. But be careful!

No matter whether you become friends with benefits online or meet each other at the party. If you are married, you should be twice more cautious in order not to let your husband or wife know about your ‘other’ relationship.

4. Don’t introduce your sex buddy to your friends and family.

Dating with your FWB shouldn’t be associated with your casual life. Let’s put it in quotes: “The sex buddy is meant to be temporary”. Find time to flirt with him or her without friends and family who can develop feelings for your partner, saying how cutie he or she is, creating a long-term connection.

5. Don’t get angry and jealous if your friend with benefits meets with somebody else

You should keep in mind that your sex buddy is not your boyfriend/girlfriend and you both are in it for casual sex! You don’t cheat on each other because you can date whomever you like. Instead of being jealous, watch the adult trailer below and think over whom are you going to find some great casual sex with and not feel guilty.

6. Do protect yourself from STDs

Finally, don’t forget to practice only safe sex with condoms, regardless of whom you have sex with. Although both of you are ‘fuck buddies’ and sometimes you have an agreement not to fuck anyone else. Be safe with casual sex rather than sorry later. Both of you can have a lot of other sex partners. Become true friends with benefits. Enjoy sex. Exclude problems.

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