50 Best Sex Tips For Men

The 50 Best Sex Tips For Men: Things She Knows And Wishes You Did Too

Have you ever wished that you could be a fly on the wall when girls get together to talk about their likes and dislikes in bed? The good news is that you don’t have to. We have compiled all the best women’s secrets about their wants, desires and fantasies in one place for you. Taking not only straight from the mouths of babes, we have asked therapists, sexual aficionados and consulted the latest sexual research to supply you with the knowledge you need to have the best sex of your life. We aim to get you the best sex not just tonight, but every night. Below is the list of the 50 things that will turn any woman on, anytime. They are a list of the most secretive sex tips that she knows and wishes you did too.


Words say it all


If you want to say the hottest words in bed, it isn’t about the most explicit, or imagery words, it is about including the word “you”. When you are talking to her in bed, always start with the word “you”, such as “you make me feel amazing” instead of “that makes me feel amazing”.


Always get the right angle


Whatever position you choose to have sex in, make sure to keep your eyes on the prize. Consider the position of her vaginal wall and clitoral area to ensure that you are always maximizing the contact, the more stimulation, the better. Use a combination of hands, props, and positions to get to those hard to reach places.


New territory


Don’t always use the same old places. It is okay to look for new erogenous zones. Her spine is going to be the key to high sensation. Also, the hairline of her pubic area is packed full of nerve endings. Think about the discovery along the way, instead of the place you want to end at.


Acknowledge her attention


Acknowledge the small things she does that says you are number one. Shutting off her cell phone or choosing not to answer it, should be met with a thank you.


Adrenaline is key


If you want to heighten her senses, add some excitement with a hint of danger. Doing things that get her dopamine kicking will enhance the sexual feeling and desire. It can also increase her sexual prowess.


Think about her sugar fantasies


If you want her to know that you are thinking of her, show up for your movie date with her favorite snack in hand. It will show that you are paying attention.


Minty fresh


To heighten sensations, use peppermint. Peppermint schnapps is not just for a good buzz; it is a great way to get the nerves stimulated. Pour some into her belly button and then proceed to kiss it away. Your kisses in her sensitive area, along with the tingling of the peppermint, will make her go wild.


Use references


To get her to try something new use a magazine as the push. Suggesting something you saw in a magazine, as something fun to try, will take the focus off of what you want, and make it seem like you just want to be adventurous.


Say hello affectionately


When you see her always say hello with a warm kiss.


Avoid those things that aren’t her favorite


Turning her on involves not only knowing those things that make her go wild in a good way, but in a bad way as well. Avoid turn offs to get her in the mood.


Try the paint by numbers trick


Go to the grocery store and get creative. Put body paint diagrams on her body and use chocolate, a paint brush, and your tongue to fill in the numbers.


Stay connected


Meeting the right girl is more likely to happen when you find her through family and friends than when you try the impersonal routes such as bars, grocery stores, and gyms.


Once you are a path don’t stray


Once an orgasm has started, women can stop feeling it in the midst. If something is bringing her to orgasm, don’t let up or move in any way. Changes in movement can make her stop feeling the sensation and lose it before she can fully climax.


Know when to stop


Learning the art of timing is the best way to maximize the time you have to please her. If you feel as if you are going to climax too early, take a minute to stop what you are doing, and then start again once you know you can control it. The start-stop cycle will ensure that you will meet her needs as well as your own.


Be the voice of reason


When out with the guys attracting girls be the one who actually attracts the girl. Be the one who is more likely to be the keeper by keeping your voice lower, sipping instead of pounding, and being the voice of reason for the table.


Netflix queue


Act like it is an accident that all the steamy love movies are in your queue. In the midst of all the guy stuff, throw in a woman-friendly steamy sexual situation movies that will get both your engines revved up.


Ask for feedback


The perineum is the spot that says more than she can with words. It is the place that is about the size of a quarter just below the spot of her vagina. If you press it with your finger her response will be immediate, and so will her pleasure.


Instead of the G go for the A


The A-spot is a little farther up in her vagina than the G. It may be the spot that is responsible for her ejaculation some scientists believe. To get to the spot, place you index and middle finger inside of her vagina, and then act like a hitchhiker and stick up your thumb. That will press your internal fingers more securely against her vaginal wall. Hitting both her A and her G-spot, use your thumb to also stimulate her clitoris while twisting your hand at the same time.


Take it easy


If your partner is taking a long time to climax, going faster is not going to speed up her pace, it will most likely knock her off track. Try the slower and gentler move to get her to the point of climax. Slow and steady wins the race.


Play it hard


If you want to meet someone who will be on the same side, try something scientists call “situational generalization”. It is a way of bonding with another person due to situational circumstances. Join a social league sports team to be on the same side.


If it is over, it is over


Instead of cheating on a girl, choose to break up before you have relations with someone else.


Show her you are glad she stayed


To tell her you like her make her breakfast in bed. That shows that you are happy for the time that you spent with her and that she is worth your time by putting some effort in to make her morning happy the way that she did your night. For additional benefit, use some aphrodisiac recipes to spice up your morning.


How intense is her kiss


The sign of how turned on she is going to be in the intensity of her kiss. You want the type of kiss that you are going to feel in your toes. If she is only giving you the “it is nice to meet you kiss” it is time to turn up the volume on whatever you are doing.


Take her in your arms from behind
Women like to feel your hands around her protecting her. The best way to make her feel protected is by hugging her from behind and wrapping yourself completely around her body.


Use props


If you want to make sure to hit those hard to reach zones, use pillows to prop her up. If you put a pillow or two to lift up her butt when having missionary sex, you will make sure to hit her clitoris during thrusting.


Don’t be fooled by her good girl appearance


Even if she is a good girl, there is still a bad girl somewhere inside. If you want to turn up the naughty, whisper dirty talk in her ear quietly in the most inappropriate of places.


Give her a little confidence


When she feels confident about herself, she is more likely to be adventurous. Complimenting her is a great way to boost her confidence and make her go outside of her comfort zone. Compliment things like her hair, her shoes, or her body, to make her feel good about how she looks.


Like her with clothes on


Many women like to be in the underwear more than naked. Liking the feeling of being semi-clothed, they like to be kissed while wearing their sexy lingerie. Don’t be in too big of a rush to pull off her clothes. Enjoy the fact that she is wearing something pretty for you.


Mirrors are a great stimulator


Women are very visual creatures. If you want to turn her on, show her what things look like to you by bringing the movements in front of a mirror. Seeing things from your perspective will enhance her visual stimulation.


Don’t ask complex questions of her


If you are going to ask her a question about her likes or dislikes, don’t leave it open-ended, ask something that has a clear yes, or no answer. Not only will it not distract her, it will make things progress more quickly.


Fatal “fine


Don’t ever answer her questions with “fine”. Fine is the equivalence of indifference.


Smelling is sometimes good
There is nothing more stimuli-provoking than the sense of smell. Researchers have proven that among all the turn-ons to women, the sense of smell is the most potent. Use cologne and body sprays to get her pheromones rolling and to get her in the mood.


Be specific


Women want to know that you are thinking about only them and specifically them. If you are going to pay compliments make them specific and focused. Complimenting things about them like some special feature that they possess is the biggest thing that will turn them on.


Incorporate music into your night out


The pulse of music is a great way for women to communicate with body language according to studies done. If you want to communicate with her on another level, look in the newspaper for music festivals around town. Not only will you be in the open air, but you can also increase your cohesion by finding interests in the same musical tastes.


Commentate a porno


For something fun to do that will also get you both talking dirty, turn a porn on the television but mute it. You and your partner can watch it together adding in your own dialog. Not only can it be something to heighten your desire, but it can also be fun and funny to boot.


Televisions are not necessary for the bedroom


If you want to use the bedroom for what it is for, then drop the television. A television in the bedroom takes the focus off of what will bring you together. Lose the television and spend some time making your own primetime drama.


Take her somewhere fancy


Get her to dress up fancy to feel good about herself by taking her somewhere special. Not only is a spectacular night out romantic, but it also makes her feel more in the mood and beautiful.


Clean it up
The biggest turn on to any girl is not what you think. If you want to turn her really on then clean without her having to ask or even hint about it. When you take care of the things that will distract her like the dishes or your dirty plates, she will have more time to take care of you.


Read to her


It doesn’t matter what the subject matter read her something that is calm and soothing to wind down her day. There is something in a man’s voice that is highly attractive to the woman who loves him. Read slow, steady, and with feeling.


Pay attention not to what she is saying, but doing


If you stop to listen to not what is coming from her mouth, but the non-verbal cues that she is sending to you, then you will not only know her likes and dislikes better, you will most likely please her. Often women will say one thing but mean another. You would only know that by watching her behavior instead of what she is saying aloud.


Some like it hot


If you want to have her turned on more quickly, keep your bedroom more sultry. That doesn’t mean that you have to keep it like a sauna, but keep the thermostat turned up. That will make it more likely that she will want to remove her clothes more quickly and get a little more comfortable.


Faster and harder aren’t always what she needs


If she isn’t reaching orgasm that does not mean that she needs it either faster or harder. For women, it may not be the thrusting of the penis into her vagina at all. To get her to climax, alternate going in deep and shallow while also touching the outside of the vagina. Sometimes it isn’t about the penetration but what is being stimulated.


After the act tell her how much she turned you on
If you want to have her wanting sex with you again and to leave her with a positive impression of sex with you, then follow up your sexual act with compliments about how sexy she was. The more compliments, the better, but make them sincere otherwise it will just come across as “too much”.


Change it up


Instead of going the same routine of foreplay, sex and recovery switch it up by adding some new rules. If you cut out the same old things that you normally do, it will force you to be more creative.


Be sensitive with your touch


If you want to really turn her on touch her lovingly, instead of sexually. Intimacy isn’t just about sex, in fact, to share intimate feelings with someone sometimes you have to be less sexual and more caring in touch.


Take her almost there and then back it up


If you want to ensure that she is more likely to climax then bring her to the point that she is just about there and then back off. For a sexy new move have her lie up against you while you are sitting propped up on pillows. Reach your hand around the front of her and either use your fingertips or the flat side of your hand to run in between her legs going up and down and in figure eights.




If something was really amazing after sex, make sure to tell her what you favorite part was. If you are honest with her about what felt good, then not only will she be more likely to repeat it, it will give her additional confidence that she is meeting your needs.


Ask for a reservation


To get her revved up and thinking about it all day, mention to her what the nights activities are going to be and what you are going to do to please her. Make a schedule of the way things are going to be so that she will already be looking forward to and thinking about it all day.


Show her your new moves


Try some new sexual skill that you have run across and practiced. She will most likely appreciate the effort. If it isn’t working the way that you wanted, let it go. You can’t please everyone all the time, but you don’t want to risk turning her off.



So go ahead and try out these 50 new sex tips for men and come back and let us know how you did!

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