5 Tips to Turn a Friend into a Fuckbuddy

Fuckbuddy Tips:Turning Your Friend Into Your Sex Friend

Fuckbuddy is an ideal type of friend for the best no strings sex. If you want to know why Both of you can enjoy a lot of casual sex without any obligation and romantic background. As long as the boundaries are set of having a fuckbuddy with no emotional attachment and just meeting for sex, you can enjoy have fun.

If you are just dreaming of becoming fuckbuddies with your friend, the the tips below can be useful on how you can add sex to your friendship.

How to Get a Fuckbuddy If You Don’t Have a Friend You Want to Fuck

Tip 1: How to get a fuckbuddy? Look Through Free Fuckbuddy Sites

You can meet a lot of fuckbuddys on free adult dating sites. Men and women, teens and MILFs, BDSM lovers, bisexuals, and many other horny people looking for sea. To find a fuckbuddy that perfectly corresponds your fantasies is more than possible.

Tip 2: Consider career girls

When it comes to having a sex buddy one of the best factors is that you don’t need to go on romantic dinners or buy flowers. If you are horny and it’s late, just call your fuckbuddy and you’re getting laid. It’s a perfect relationship style for those girls who are too busy at work but still want sex and need to fulfill their sexual desires. If your friend is permanently complaining about how busy she is to date anyone, get some drinks and give her your idea for being fuckbuddies. You may not want to use the words fuckbuddy, but try something more subtle like, ‘friends with benefits’.

Tip 3: Be discreet About Your Fuckbuddy

Don’t tell to the whole world or even your close friends that you are fucking your friend. Girls are very sensitive to these things and don’t want all of your friends to know you are fucking her. So, if she has any inkling that you discuss your fuckbuddy relationship with friends, you can stop being fuckbuddys. Remember that women may want sex as much as men, but they don’t want to be considered promiscuous, slutty or easy.

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Tip 4: Complain About Relationships to Your Potential Fuckbuddy

Another way to get a free fuckbuddy is to destroy your friend’s belief in standard romantic relationship. If your friend is single and not dating anyone, she is probably holding herself for “the one”. Your mission is to explain her that “the one” doesn’t exist, that’s an illusion. Recollect her and your personal negative experience to your advantage. Tell her how profitable can be pure flirt and sex personals in comparison with all that crap associated with dating.

Tip 5: Get Drunk With Your Potential Fuckbuddy

Whether she is one of many local fuckbuddies or your new female friend, the surest way to start your no strings attached relationship is to have a few drinks together. Flirt, gossip about your friends and finish with offering to play spin the bottle-just with just the two of you. Remember to make sure it’s consensual sex. Don’t get her drunk where she doesn’t know what she’s doing. This is lame for both of you. A fuckbuddy is someone you want to keep around and keep your friendship for sex going.

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