5 Lies Every Girl Tells On Her Hookup Site Profile

It’s okay, you can admit it – we all round up our dick size to the next inch. Everyone lies or exaggerates at least a little bit when writing their hookup site profile bios.

That’s why being genuine makes your profile stand out. When a chick can sense that you’re honest, she’ll be able to trust you enough to meet up.

Girls tell little white lies too. Here’s the most common little lies girls tell on their profiles:

  1. She says she’s DDF.
    You’ve probably seen this acronym on casual sex sites: DDF. This means “drug and disease free.” As for drugs, this usually means the chick does not use IV drugs, but she might still like to party – just ask what she’s into to find out for sure. When it comes to disease, especially sexually transmitted infections, you can never be too safe. It’s not that girls usually lie about this – they just can’t always know for sure. Always use a condom and get tested regularly when you are sexually active.
  2. She says she’s not ready for love.
    Adult hookup sites are designed for one-night-stands and casual sex. Some women may state on their profiles that they are only interested in sex, and will never want to get into a serious relationship.

    These days, especially for the millennial crowd, many serious relationships begin as casual hookups. Once you know you’re sexually compatible with someone, you can get hooked to the magic you make together. Sex releases hormones that can make either of you fall in love – hopefully it’ll be mutual.

    Now, don’t try to Pretty Woman every chick you hook up with. Just realize that even when you have casual sex, you’re putting your heart on the line. Love always appears when you’re not looking for it.

  3. She says she’s a book nerd; false.
    You’ll probably notice the list of book titles that many girls include in their profile. Guys do this too. It can be used as a talking point, but many people admit to listing books they haven’t read since high school or college. They don’t have time to read, but having a list of books in their profile makes them seem smart and sophisticated.

    If you don’t have time to read books, you don’t need to make a book list just because everyone else does it. You can include your old high school books, but only if you actually want to break the ice by discussing To Kill A Mockingbird. Yeah, no thanks to that one.

    Instead, list some blogs, podcasts, movies or music that you enjoy. That’s a much more genuine way to have conversations with girls who have the same interests.

  4. She’s not honest about her age.
    By now, you’ve probably watched enough porn to realize that the Teens section is full of cute, petite women who are as old as 30 years old – but have great skin routines and well-maintained bodies. If you’re just now learning that not all Teens are really teens, well, Santa Claus isn’t real either.

    Girls on hookup sites may lie about their ages to avoid getting noticed by people who know them. They might do it to attract younger guys.

    Of course, guys just don’t care about age as much as women tend to think. You’re not going to sit around trying to count the rings in her pussy to estimate her age.

    Young girls sometimes join hookup sites out of curiosity. Even when they’re under 18, they can lie about their age to create a profile. Normally, teenagers won’t try to meet up, but you should always be careful. If anything feels off, ask her when she graduated high school, and where she went to college. Or, just flat out ask for her government ID. Yeah, it might seem awkward, but it doesn’t have to be if you make it sexy. Just say, “You’re so fit and adorable, I’m not even sure you’re really 18. Can I check out your ID?”

  5. She says she’s a D cup, but she’s not always a D cup.

    To be fair, women’s clothing sizes are a mess. Sizes vary so much from brand to brand, and different styles of fashion require different fits. So, she might say her breast size is 34D, but she may also own a few 36Cs or even a 38B that fits her just as comfortably. Her size can also shift throughout her menstrual cycle. Some girls flat out lie about their weight or height on their profiles. Others take photos at high angles to hide their flaws.

    When it comes down to it, a sexy body is a sexy body, no matter what the tags say. Girls can be insecure and self-critical, and may not realize just how unimportant those numbers are to guys. Just grab those awesome, slightly uneven boobs and rock her world anyway.

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