10 Tips For A Married Couple Looking For A Third

Looking for a third person to join your sex life is a risqué way to turn up the heat. Done right, it can strengthen your marriage by making sex more pleasurable without putting too much stress on either partner to work harder for more exciting encounters.

Here’s how to create an arrangement that will keep you and your partner secure and satisfied as you venture into your most exciting sexual adventure as a married couple.

#1. Start looking for a third party who is neutral.
It can seem unfair to invite someone to the bedroom that you know,that your partner does not. Together, you and your spouse should seek out an entirely new person. Finding someone new can help you avoid trust issues that can arise when you hook up with one of your friends.

#2. Search on adult dating sites.
It’s now becoming safer and more appropriate to seek out a third online, rather than in person. When you go through online profiles, you can sometimes learn more about the person – their interactions between other users, their profile and photos can show you their intentions. Many adult dating sites allow you to filter results so you can easily find those who are interested in hooking up with a couple.

#3. Make a joint adult dating account.
Most hookup sites now have an option for joining the site as a couple. Your profile picture should show both of you, and your bio should describe what you’re looking for in a three-way.

#4. Choose someone you both find attractive.
The perfect match will be equally attractive to you and your spouse. Make a list of the physical features and sexual compatibilities you’re both looking for, so you can quickly recognize a great match. What’s your favorite body type? Should she love going down on girls?

#5. Decide on the type of relationship you’re looking for.
Do you want to find one person you can call up occasionally for threesomes? Or will this be a one-time thing to celebrate your spouse’s birthday? Will you talk over dinner and have some wine before getting down, or would you prefer your third comes over and gets straight to business?

#6. Consider adding a fourth.
Threesomes are fun, but some people find it difficult to keep everyone satisfied at once. You might be better matched with another couple.

#7. Get some new toys.
Vibrators make it easier to use lots of stimulation without wearing yourself out. Buy new toys so you won’t have to use your personal stash. Wash with soap and water and/or use a condom to keep toys sanitary.

#8. Have someone in the middle.
The best way to make sure nobody gets left out is to always have one person in the middle. This means they’ll be having sex with one partner while kissing or performing oral on the other.

#9. Consider different combos.
Most guys greatly prefer the third person to be another woman. However, while some wives enjoy girl-on-girl loving, others would love to try two dicks at once. A guy-guy-girl threesome isn’t only for guys who consider themselves bisexual or bi-curious. You don’t have to touch or kiss the other guy, but many women admit to enjoying gay porn and guy-on-guy action, so if you can swing it, why not give it a try?

#10. Try video threesomes.
If you’re adding a third for the first time, you might want to test-drive the concept by having sex with your spouse in front of a webcam while your partner watches and masturbates. This is a safe, sexy way to share your bedroom without going too far, too fast.

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