10 Adult Dating Tips To Get You Laid TONIGHT

Mingling on adult dating sites can get you laid quickly – but they can also be a huge time-suck. You can waste weeks going through profiles, tweaking your profiles and crafting perfect messages. But that won’t get you laid. That will just keep you busy.

If you want to get laid tonight – not next week, not even tomorrow – tonight, here’s what you will need to do to make it happen.

1. Make your bed. Seriously – it sounds silly, but it gets you in the right mindset. Always make sure you’re ready to bring someone home. You may also want to stock up on wine, condoms and anything else you’ll need to prepare for the night.

2. Have a date night plan. There’s no need to come up with a great date idea every time when you’re just looking for a hookup. Choose a discreet meet-up spot close to where you live. Decide how long you’ll stay for drinks, and what time you’ll want to head back to your place. Think strategically. It’s best to choose a place that’s comfortable, casual and within easy walking distance.

3. Try a few different sites. Every region is different. Girls in some areas might all use the same site to hook up with guys. Others are spread across different networks. If you’re spending a lot of time on just one site, you might be keeping your playing field too small. You can use the same photos and text for each of your profiles to save time.

4. Have a complete profile. Adding a few photos and some interests to your profile show that you’re a real person, and make you seem more trustworthy. Girls will be more likely to reply to you, and feel more comfortable about meeting up. It will also be easier for girls to find you first if you have an attractive profile photo that stands out.

5. Search by “Who’s Online?” Most adult dating sites have a search feature that allows you to filter for profiles of users who are currently online. If you send messages to people while they’re not available, they may not answer for hours – or at all.

6. Send lots of short messages. While girls are more likely to respond to handcrafted, personalized messages, it takes a long time to write each one. Save time by making most of your first greeting messages similar, and change a few details for each girl. A good template to start with is, “Hey (name), your profile pic just popped out at me. Nice photo gallery! What are you up to right now?”

7. Get those digits. Within your first few messages, ask for the girls’ phone number so you can text or call her. If a girl gives you her number, she’s definitely interested, and serious about meeting up. You may want to use a cheap prepaid phone if you’d rather not give out your real number.

8. Ask more questions. You’ll get faster responses when you ask questions. It’ll be easy to find out what she likes, and if you’re a good match for her if you just ask. Don’t spend too much time talking about yourself – focus on making a fast, yet natural connection.

9. Be quick to set up dates. Since you already have a location and date plan in mind, it won’t take long to set up a date. Try asking girls out for spontaneous, same-night dates. When you ask her out for date a week later, she might forget about it. Girls who are serious about hooking up on adult dating sites are usually ready to go anytime.

10. Text her again when the night is over. If you stay in touch, you might just become friends with benefits. Not every girl is going to want to go for a second hookup, but it’s good manners to text her the next morning, just to say “I had a fun time last night.”

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